Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tales from my Garden: summer heat

The sun and heat have arrived on the west coast.  And the garden is alive and growing.  As a novice gardener I think things are coming along nicely...but let's be honest it can change at a moment's notice.  First things first I wanted to show you the front garden which is finally "finished" for this year anyway.

From the enormous Hostas in the front you can see one perspective.  I should have taken the photo when the Lupine was in bloom it was a lovely pink.  The Rhubarb has grown happy stalks, the Primroses are bushy, we planted two fern varieties, Great Masterwort and some Impatiens for colour.

I am pleased with how the strip of river stones turned out. (once the trike is parked elsewhere they'll have more impact I think) And I'm on the lookout for a gnarled piece of wood to put between the Hostas at the back and the ferns.

As for the back patio the Paul Robeson tomatoes are fruiting.  Only flowers from the Brandywines yet.

We've been happily snacking on sugar snap peas.

Watching gorgeous spaghetti squash blooms turn solid.

And I'm anticipating a happy harvest of our Yolo Wonder green peppers.

I've been browsing Sugar Snaps and Strawberries: Simple Solutions for Creating Your Own Small-Space Edible Garden and it's a lovely book.  Dave informed me the other day that we need more plants out I'm formulating a plan for next summer and this fall as well.  Despite summer's late arrival we're happy it's finally here.

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