Sunday, August 14, 2011

Art of the Month: summer gifts

You may remember a photo here and there about these little drawstring bags of mine.   They are simple but pretty and functional which to me is always a winning combination.  So recently I added two more to my little grouping sending one to Heidi Dawn and the other was a gift for Heidi Joy.  I am blessed to have these two women as friends.  Collectively we are all mothers to 2 boys each, artists, thinkers, and conscious citizens of this planet. 

While they share the same name these ladies have different colour essences to me.  One whimsical with the other more delicate.  Making these bags is a kind of create therapy for me since if undisturbed I can make one in an hour or less.  With typical mama interruptions a day will suffice so I still get the satisfaction of a completed project or two.  These bags usually arrive filled with chocolate, other artist's creations or other special treats.  

Little gifts are important for mamas.  They fill up gaps in time that we miss spending with our friends, and when used remind us of that person or our memories of who we were and who we could be in the future.


Rue said...

What a lovely way to send a friend a treat! It's even more lovely knowing the thought you put into it!

finger thumb said...

Its so true that spending a little time and completing something is so important in day-to-day mama life. I think regular uninterrupted completion is the thing I miss most from my pre-mama days.