Tuesday, August 9, 2011

four & five

Keeping track of Elliott's first year on the blog seemed simple at the idea stage but since my blogging moments are few and far between I feel like content is suffering a bit from all the updates I tend to be doing these days.  But rest assured friends it will get more diverse as time progresses.

As I write E has his second cold.  It's extent is hard to determine as is often the case with babies.  Stuffy nose, goopy eyes, some coughing and restless sleeping (which of course adds up to a tired mama).

This baby is a mover though, he wants to chase his big bro already.  He "talks" a lot, is rolling from back to tummy and pushing up on his hands with his very strong arms.  He is close to sitting up and is several months ahead of his age in clothing size.

Since summer decided to arrive he is enjoying rolling on blankets under a sun umbrella at the beach and taking stroller and Ergo carrier naps in the fresh air.  He is also bonding with friends and family and smiling lots and laughing too.  Let's just say when he's happy he shines as brightly a the sun.

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