Friday, July 8, 2011

time, time, time...

see what's become of you know that song?  This version was going through my head when I wrote that. Not seasonally appropriate granted but the sentiment works for this moment.  This week has been busy, some of us have taken big steps towards independence, there have been meetings, weeding, planting, growing, sunshine and rain.  Full on, it's been full on.

with a backpack that is too big (I carried it for him after this photo was taken) my 3 and a half year old big boy went to his first pre-school class this week.  Pre-school playtime is what it is called, the theme this week being teddy bear picnic.  He was a bit hesitant but there were no tears when I left (on his part).  He was brave and felt secure enough to enjoy his time there, not wanting to leave 2 hours later when I returned to get him.  It was hard to leave him.  I was very emotional about it and in a way I still am.  Friends have assured me that it gets easier every time you drop them off.  I'm not sure that the pace of this growing up thing will work with the pace of mama's heartstrings but I'll be alright.  What was/is important to Dave and I is that he is ready.   We may never be.  There are flashes of time as a parent when your child's life flashes before your eyes, not just the past but the future steps as well.  And that is very full on.  And that happened this week.

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