Friday, March 4, 2011

Poem of the Month: March

New in your Wake

At a time of Spring's forthcoming fresh snow
has made a blanket on the earth

My belly pulls, the skin taunt over you
you move with purpose, strong and getting stronger

It seems that timing is a challenge these days
We try to get over illness, start new adventures
and all the while we wait
for you

Your brother sniffles again, he will be a good brother 
to you
devoted, loving and I expect protective
He is still little, still a baby to us
and yet you will be the baby now

Who are we as you arrive
A family of 3

A man meeting the challenge of supporting his family
searching for fulfillment professionally to match his
contentment with those he loves

A woman caring for her family in a new old fashioned way
an artist in her approach to life,
the family optimist and organizer

A little boy who loves trains, singing and is most
happy when we are all together,
secure in our nest

Who will you be?

The feisty one, the quiet one, the adventurer, the mystic...

All remains to be discovered
All will be new and reveal itself with time
All new in the wake of you

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