Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I want to remember...

Our moving date is fast approaching and there are more obstacles popping up here and there in our home.  Despite the chaotic nature of packing, and relocating three people there are some moments that take me aback when I realize how big Ky is getting.

He loves to read to himself.  At this point he has memorized many of his favorite stories and it is a pleasure to listen to him read.  Of course lately he's found hiding in boxes to be a fun new pass time.

Building train tracks with Dada is still not getting old.  He loves to lay down on the floor and really get into playing.  He also has the trains talk to each other and he acts out fun little scenarios (very like his Mama used to be in that regard)

And he is now tall enough to reach light switches.  He loves to be able to do the simple, everyday tasks of living.  So far we've been working on him taking off his own shoes and hat and putting them away.  It is mind blowing that he is closer to 3 than 2 now. 

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