Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From the Mountain

Hi all.  Sorry it's been so long.  We are settling into our new home on the mountain.  Moving day was a sweltering mess and we were lucky to have friends who were willing to shed pounds of sweat while getting us transferred into our new home.  Unpacking has been slow but today is the first day since we've been here that is not unbearably hot so we are trying to keep things happening at a steady pace.

A special surprise for Kyan when he first saw his new room.

Our new view to the south.

My attempt to stop sweltering heat from overtaking us.

Who knows where the bowls are?  Ky enjoying ice cream to cool down.

piles, boxes and stuff, everywhere stuff

There is a co-op bbq coming up this weekend so I'm excited to meet more of our new neighbours.   The transition has been challenging for the little guy since he is such a rooted type but with each day that we get a little more put away he seems calmer and more at home.  Could that mean that he'll like to clean his room one day?  A mama can always hope.  I'll be back here again soon.


TMCPhoto said...

I was wondering if you had started your move yet. Glad to hear that you are getting settled and now that the heat's been turned down perhaps getting everything put away won't be such a tough job

Jack Kung said...
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