Monday, July 12, 2010

Outdoor Weekend

Since we were outdoors for most of the weekend as well as today I wanted to share some of our adventures.  July is shaping up into a great month so far and I've been dreading avoiding packing for our move which is quickly approaching.

We visited with friends and their new baby and they took us to the "Birthplace of British Columbia" Fort Langley which is a charming little town.  This is their train station museum.  Our weekends aren't complete these days without some sort of train activity.

On Saturday evening we cheered on my brother-in-law Ricky as he ran his first 10K run.  He raised over $300 for the BC Cancer Foundation.  He had a great finish time and we enjoyed cheering for him.  After the run we enjoyed the sun glistening on the water in False Creek.

Sunday evening we enjoyed the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's free concert in Deer Lake Park.  It was relaxing and they played some popular pieces like Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture and several pieces from West Side Story.  Our favorite though hands down was Darth Vader's theme from The Empire Strikes Back.  Yeah, we're nerds...I know.


Today we spent a blustery time at the park.  The wind was crazy and made what would have been a warm day a bit chilly.  But we played frisbee, enjoyed the teeter totter and played in the spray park's stream.   Tomorrow we plan to visit the outdoors but stick close to home and get started on packing.  If I avoid it any longer I'll seriously regret it later.

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