Monday, July 5, 2010

Outdoor Monday

Our weather is finally saying summer!  Today was warm and we spent most of the day outdoors.  This morning we drew on our walkway with sidewalk chalk (thanks Grandma!), we dug in the garden a bit, and I sat in the sun in the backyard while Ky explored.  He followed a robin around, waving at him and watching him eat insects.  We sorted through piles of dead leaves and twigs that he found behind the big boulder, a neighbourhood cat made an appearance and we followed him around a while and we found several insects to inspect in the grass.  We were also graced with a yellow butterfly's presence while we were back there which brought to mind that Ky loves to read this book: Both Sides Now which he calls Butterfly.  It is Joni Mitchell's song of the same name illustrated beautifully, following the change of a caterpillar into a butterfly.  And when I say read I should really say sing since I sing the song and he has now learned the melody and sings his heart out.  Is there anything more lovely than listening to a child sing?

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Artistmama said...

Nothing more lovely! Looks like a fun day.