Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ads that Lie

I was reading National Geographic the other day and came across this ad which sent me into a panic.

I am appalled that National Geographic in all its earth friendly motives would print this ad when it is blantantly lying.  The entire ad is false but I'll point out a few points in case the fine print is too hard to see.

Producing more.  Conserving more.  Improving farmer's lives.  That's sustainable agriculture.  And that's what Monsanto seeds are all about.

Ok, shall we break this down?

Producing more. 
Not true.  Monsanto designs their seeds to only produce once.  That means that farmers have to buy seeds every year rather than collect seeds from last years crop to plant to following year.  And studies have shown that the genetically modified seeds that Monsanto creates do not have an increased yield.

Conserving more.
The only thing that Monsanto is conserving is money and seed patents.  They are trying to own nature.  Vandana Shiva talks about what Monsanto and corporations like them are doing to our food in this video.

Improving farmer's lives.
I'm not sure how they have the audacity to write this.  They sue small farmers when they find their seeds mixed in with the farmer's crops.  How do the seeds get there?  The wind.  They then use their big corporate dollars and their fancy lawyers to take these farmer's to the cleaners in court.  They stop at nothing to dominate entire rural areas with their seeds.  Farmers are not benefiting from anything that Monsanto does.

That's sustainable agriculture.
Farming the Monsanto way is mass planting.  It depletes the soil, it requires the use of Round-Up and other toxic chemicals and it makes our food less nutritious.  If everyone farms their way the earth will not sustain us.  Period.

And that's what Monsanto seeds are all about.
For all the reasons listed above I beg to differ.  If I believed in the devil I would name it Monsanto.

This was a rant.  What makes me so angry about this type of propaganda is that our culture makes it easy for us to buy it.  If you went to Monsanto's website you could read in depth lies.  They don't care if the science backs up their claims because they just make up stuff to suit their needs.  Companies like this are killing the earth.  While we listen to their lies, and let them convince us that they are "green" and eat the food that their toxic seeds grow they are literally destroying the ground we cherish.

It is beyond shameful and scares me.


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! I agree completely. How can they have the audacity to make such claims... oh yeah, sorry I forgot - they can buy a tame scientist who is willing to back up their claims regardless of what the science really says...

Janey said...

Have you written to National Geographic about the Monsanto ad? The magazine itself would be liable for displaying false advertising, wouldn't it?