Friday, May 21, 2010

Herbal Health Amulets

The craft aspect of witchery has ebbed and flowed in my practice for many years now.  Spellwork, amulets, and the like are not a frequent part of my practice.  There are several reasons for this, some of which I am sad to admit are linked to a lack of discipline on my part.  But I feel that most importantly for me I must do spellwork that I am compelled to do.  If it means enough to me I will make the time to do it sort of thing.  Last month I did just that.

Both of my parents have been dealing with health issues since the beginning of the year.  They have both been relatively healthy over my lifetime but, as I'm sure happens with everyone, eventually your body can begin to experience the wear and tear of age.  Since I am so far from my parents I found myself feeling helpless to help them.  Even if I did live nearby there is little I could do to help them deal with their physical ailments but on a magical level I felt that I could create an amulet for each of them that could help them heal.

Because both of my parents work closely with the land I chose to use herbs and essential oils to create  healing energy for them.  Since I do believe that magical work is best kept quiet and shared only with the person it is intended for I won't share exactly what was in their pouches but I will share the basics of how I created them and what I decided to include in case you are interested in attempting some yourself.

I gathered the ingredients myself from dried and fresh herbs and plants in my neighbourhood.  Each pouch was different according to what qualities I believed they needed.  You can use a table of correspondences to help you with this as each plant has magical energies attributed to it.  My instincts pulled me to certain plants.  I then sewed two small pouches in green fabric and embroidered a symbol on one side and the respective initial of their first names on the other.  I mixed the herbs and then added the oils to each in sacred space.  Also during sacred space I read out the intentions of the amulets, consecrated them with the elements and raised energy through chant and movement.  After the spellwork I set the one for my mother out in the light of the full moon, and then let both charge in sunlight for a day. 

It felt really good to create these amulets and send them out to my parents.  They are sleeping with them under their pillows since in sleep we recharge and our bodies relax enough to accept the essence of healing.
Having spellwork come to me like this was a nice change to my practice (or lack there of at the moment).  I hope to continue to be open to these ideas as they present themselves and craft when the universe calls for action. 


greekwitch said...

Wonderful! Great job.
I am sending healing thoughts to your family.

Anonymous said...

That is such a wonderful idea. Also nice is that you can help them and they are welcoming and accepting of your gifts.

Anonymous said...

My book Zeke, Ky and the Black ROck touches on this for young kids with nightmares. Placing a rock under the pillow as a tool for helping lucid dream. When your boy grows a bit older, if he has any trouble with nightmares, you might like it! Heres a link to the preview copy of the book

And its wonderful your parents are so receptive to your ways!

TMCPhoto said...

I totally agree with you about doing spellwork that you are called to do. Forcing a spell because you think you should will certainly have less energy than hearing the call to create the work and follow through with it. Thanks for sharing the process, If I feel the call the create something similar I'll be following your suggestions as a starting point for sure.

Gwynneth: we recently got a book from the library called The Dreaming Jar with a similar technique for helping a child work through bad dreams and change them for the better. I'll be checking out your book as well