Monday, May 10, 2010

Notes to my Future Self

If you have ever rented your home or if you do now then you can relate to my dilemma with home projects....I am very limited.  Some people paint walls, add different window treatments or shelving when they rent but we don't.  We've lived with vertical blinds for three years now.....(no offense if you like them, I don't) and change is not something that Dave likes that much in terms of decor.  He's an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" type and I...well, obviously I'm the "artsy, everything must look pleasing to my sensibility type."  So I've had to limit my changes and dream of future home ownership where I can let my interior and exterior design diva out.  When I came across this project in Garden Wise magazine last month I had a "I must remember this"  moment.  This my friends, is a clothesline trellis!

Isn't it lovely?  Hanging out your clothes along side a flowering vine and doing that thing that I love so much: making a functional object beautiful.  Clotheslines are so esthetically pleasing to me.  I love sheets, dresses, tea towels, even underwear floating in the wind.  The smell on the laundry when it dries this way is fresh, the sun bleaches out stains, and you save energy by leaving your dryer idle.  In the article they even suggest planting lavender or rosemary beneath it to encourage your laundry to smell even more divine.  Some day this will be in my backyard but until then my love affair with clotheslines will continue.   If you want to check out some photo streams of clotheslines from around the world you can do so here and here.  And for those of you that have one, lucky you!


TMCPhoto said...

We rent and up until a few years ago we made do with free standing shelves and the verticle blinds or ratty curtains that came with the places we lived in. Now we hang shelves and fill them in with plaster when we leave. Our windows could do with a change but we're waiting on more funds before we stretch ourselves too thin. Our focus this year is putting the backyard to good use, our landlords have given us free reign there and I am so looking forward to eating my own vegetables. I loke the idea of lavender under the clothes line too

Anonymous said...

The only time I think about my clothesline is if I have quilts and blankets on it, otherwise I don't see too much beauty. I realize some people can't air dry their clothes but you do what you can (maybe use the racks instead which isn't as visually attractive. We used to have next door neighbors like 5 feet away and her bras would be out blowing in the wind. I never cared but some of our guests commented. :)