Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poem of the Month: April

I want to share a poem written by my Great-Step Grandmother many moons ago. She passed when I was very young but I have a few visual memories of her and this lovely little hand knit purse as well. I share her name but was not specifically named after her (but for the purpose of kindness my parents never shared that with her)

She wrote poetry and was known for her talent around the town. She was a very devout woman and most of her poems are about God and Jesus. Despite not being related by blood I think that knowing that she was a poet seeped into my subconscious as a child and naturally if Bardie (our nickname for her) could write poetry then I certainly could to. Here is a timeless poem she wrote that is simple and true.


by Jennie Beers

When a spark of kindness
Kindles in your breast,
Keep it ever glowing,
Let nothing give it rest.

When once that spark is kindled
It will become a flame,
Use it in your daily living --
Love's its other name.

Love for one another
Keep it in your heart
With constant usage
Of your life it is a part.

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