Thursday, April 29, 2010

He Likes Bugs

After a bit of a slow patch over the last week where we weren't out much or I didn't grab the camera we're attempting to finish the Nature Challenge off on a high note.  This Challenge has been great and I've enjoyed seeing what everyone has been doing to participate. 

April 28th: Seeds

April 29th: Bugs

I loved watching Ky interact with the bugs crawling over this huge boulder in our backyard.  He had no fear just interest.  We spent a long time jumping off the rock as well and worked more on the blackberry bushes.  I'll check in again tomorrow for the last day of the Challenge. 


TMCPhoto said...

We have a love hate relationship with bugs at our place. The Peanut loves ladybugs, likes roly pollies, names the earthworms in the garden and thinks ants are kind of interesting but doesn't like them to crawl on her. Spiders make her jumpy and anything that buzzes around her head causes an ear piercing shriek regardless of whether it stings, bits or just makes the buzz by flying.

Looks like you had fun with your bugs

Rana said...

Your little one is adorable. I love the photo of him on the ground he is very intent on what he is doing. Have a great weekend!