Friday, April 30, 2010

Musings on Beltaine Eve

This week I've been a bit more introspective than usual.  Beltaine has crept up on me and unlike other years I'm not feeling the urge to do much.  I plan to honour the fairies in my garden by leaving them an offering of milk and honey and adding a bit of sparkle (photos to follow in a few days).  I'm reading The Way Of The Green Witch: Rituals, Spells, And Practices to Bring You Back to Nature by Arin Murphy-Hiscock and this quote made me ponder this week.

"The beginnings of the four seasons are specific points at which to pause and evaluate your life." 

I would expand that to include the cross-quarter holidays as well.  I remember feeling such a rush of energy at the Spring Equinox and now just six weeks later that has dissipated and become quieter and harder to balance.  Our family has collectively been a bit off kilter these last few weeks. Our progress with our wellness goals has slowed.  Sickness, teething, changes in schedule, whatever the reason we just lost our groove.  It is starting to get better slowly and I hope that after this weekend we'll start getting Ky's new room in order and I'll have lots of diy projects to share.  

I wish those of you who celebrate a very happy Beltaine.  Perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of the fey.  Keep your eyes open.   


Anonymous said...

I think it's best to do what you feel rather than a forced ritual. Hope you have a nice holiday all the same and find balance soon.

TMCPhoto said...

I think I'm in the same boat as you right now, I'm looking for a simple way to mark Beltaine and leaving an offering to the fey is the one that is most alluring right now.

I begin my year and a day today as well and will mark the beginning of this journey in some small way as well.