Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog and Internet Housekeeping

I've been meaning to mention a few things lately which are blog/internet related so I guess I'll clump them into this post and get some housekeeping done.

I want to thank Angela at The Pagan Mom Blog for gracing me with this award.  I'm bad at keeping up with all the rules and such that follow along with them but I am always so grateful for being thought of.  Thanks again!

In other news I wanted to share Fire Lyte's wonderful Project Pagan Enough which you may have noticed as a button on my sidebar.  Fire Lyte has initiated a movement towards a less judgmental culture within Paganism.

"Project Pagan Enough seeks to say that - no matter your beliefs, practices, looks, or loves - you are pagan enough. We can argue theology back and forth all day long and disagree with one another's fluff-factor until the cows come home, but it is high time that we stop denigrating one another's level of being pagan. Paganism does not have a set definition, and there is definitely not a dress code or music-loving requirement."

Here, Here!

And finally I wanted to share a decision I've made recently to cull my internet social sites and really only participate in things that are creative and positive for me and that can be visited in short intervals.  I was a member of PaganSpace and Mom Blogger's Club for a while but what I found was that I didn't have the time or correction did not want to make the time to participate in the forums and comment etc.  The blogs I read and the few sites that I have remained a member of are so important to me and have become a relaxing and creative part of my day...or week.  So if you are also hanging out in some of these areas and you want to connect please do but I'll understand if you are doing something better. Really I will.  Life moves fast and when you have a little one and a life to live time should be precious.  So while I have no bones about anyone else being on Twitter I will not be there.  I don't own a smart phone and I like it that way.  Laptops are enough for me (although that ipad does look mighty cool)  Also I want to clarify that I am on facebook but I do not have a public profile there.  My friends on facebook are all people that I have known or know with the exception of a few that I friended before I made the decision to keep that profile more limited.  I've done that mostly to protect the privacy of Dave and Ky and the rest of my family.  Here I can chose to share our lives and keep details out of it and that is really a matter of security for us. 

So now that I've gotten through the drudgery of it all here is where you can find me "out there."

Polyvore pure fun and fantasy this is a site for those of us who like to play with collage and cut and paste with fashion, art and interior design.  So much fun I tell you.  I've given myself a limit of only making one set a week.  Check it out and you'll see what I mean.  You can find me there as chasingdomesticbliss.

flikr I know I'm slow on that one.  But being creative and making stuff I find this is a great place to connect with groups around books I'm getting sewing ideas from and just to get inspired.  Again, Chasing Domestic Bliss is my profile name there.

I'm on The Witch's Voice as Jen as well which is my oldest "membership" I'm sure that is the case for many of you as well. 

So those are the main ones and I don't see much chance in adding any more any time soon.  I'm lucky to fit the time in to get on here as much as I'd like so no more I say!  Wow that feels nice.  But really this ability to connect and share with people from all over the world is so amazing and I'm grateful for it and you all too.

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