Thursday, May 30, 2013

Goodbye in a Whisper

From baby to little boy.  A milestone happened this month.  3 years after Kyan weaned in May 2010, Elliott is now in the ranks of post-breastfed.  Both times as weaning approached I expected a bigger denouement but reading over my post about Kyan weaning reminds me that these life moments are so rarely big.  There are no fireworks, it just ends.  Elliott protested a bit at bedtime but transitioned amazingly fast.

Our breastfeeding relationship went very smoothly.  He caught on quickly and was very clear about his needs.  I must say the second time around was more fluid and I fought it less ie: less worrying about him never weaning or I guess just less worrying in general.  I knew it would happen in time.

 So rather than get into my personal issues with the process, what it does to me etc, etc, I'm just going to say that 2 years, 2 months, and 3 weeks was the length of this intimate bond with Elliott.  And now our relationship is moving to another place.

I was once invited to a "got my breasts back" party held by a triumphant mama who was finished breastfeeding after having two children.  I can't say that I feel like having a party, rather I feel like marking the moment as I have here and looking forward instead.  There is so much on the horizon with the boys, and with how growing up happens in a family.  This stage is over for us.  This bond will only live in Elliott's internal consciousness as a feeling of warmth, security and love.  I am so lucky to have had the time to share this with both boys and now I say goodbye in a whisper and let it all float away on the May wind.


TMCPhoto said...

I remember commenting on your post about weaning your oldest and how it reminded me of the moment the Peanut walked away from her last feeding. I'm a little behind you in the weaning department with the Bean. By the end of June we'll be finished with it and she'll be two and a half. I'm already feeling wistful about losing that quiet time with her. She's a much snugglier child than the Peanut and keeping on longer has been much easier. Thanks for such a beautiful post

Pink Chai Raj said...

I remember that feeling when breastfeeding my youngest was "over". It was hard, but the right thing to do.
Thank you for sharing your journey so beautifully!

Pink Chai Style