Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get Out

Today marked the beginning of outdoor pre-school for Kyan.  His hiking, fort building, nature exploring and hopefully mud pie making year of fun before regular school begins in fall of 2013 (yikes!).   I feel really grateful that he can attend this program.  It is a half hour drive in morning traffic (if we are lucky) which is different from the 5 minute walk to his Monday pre-school class but the opportunity to learn outside is priceless.
This week has begun a new mission for me - getting out.  Looking back on years past Kyan and I were outside a lot.  We explored the little areas around our then home.  My second pregnancy slowed that down considerably.  And now that I have a high energy 18 month old it must be reinstated.  So this program is going to be good for all of us.  Elliott and I hiked a short but at times steep trail today crossing a high extension bridge over a white water ravine and then back over further downstream.  He waved to all the tourists taking photos and soaked in all the fresh air.
Living in the Pacific Northwest means that you get lots of rain, but rarely is it really cold.  And September is supposed to be sunny for the next two weeks so we are taking full advantage.  We've been out every morning this week and I plan on keeping up the trend.
This active nature interaction keeps us happier, calmer and healthier.  When I forget that we are overwhelmed quickly and it is usually not pretty.
Yesterday I put a sealant over all of our hiking boots/shoes and it heralded a new year to come of adventures on the trails and in the forests.
 It felt like a good omen, a positive step for our family journey together.

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Lydia said...

What an awesome program! I visited Seattle last year (first time EVER on the west coast) I loved it. Enjoy the fall!