Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Balance Approaching

I have written twice before (1,2) about how the equinoxes balance me.  I don't anticipate it coming and then a few days or in some cases weeks before the change, the equal division between light and dark, I get a centered feeling.  This morning it came upon me.  Yes, all is right.  All is even.  All in this moment is still.  I seem to breathe a bit more smoothly and for the most part the days have enough for me.  Enough hours to accomplish carefully chosen tasks, enough time to rest in between tasks and for this last week enough sleep!?!  Now don't get me wrong I will be chronically overtired for years to come because of my nighttime mothering but each night this week my body has told me to go to bed earlier than usual.  Rather than turning on the t.v. or surfing the internet I just go upstairs and get in bed.  And low and behold I'm getting an extra hour of sleep out of it.  Any little bit helps when you are still being awoken 3 or 4 times a night.

In my previous writings about the way this time of year affects me it has been in a flurry of activity and this year I feel like I'm more grounded.  Like I'm finally learning to channel the energy properly and apply it where I can best use it.  Somehow that seems really appropriate for the lessons of this seasonal shift.
Center, ground, listen for the balance, smell the warmth of summer shifting, feel the cooler nights on your skin, taste the spice in the air as your heart, head and soul align.  Breathe.

I feel so blessed at this time; so appreciative of my boys and their personalities, so focused on the love around us and the earth's beauty.

This weekend I plan to refresh my altar for Autumn and I think my theme will be blessings.
I think the boys feel it too, this calmer energy, it makes our whole home better.  I am grateful for its presence with us and hope it doesn't leave us for a long while.

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