Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rainy day plans

Oh, June.  You fool me every time.  I look forward to you for months and think June, June will bring warm sun and sandals and those long days of outside time.  And then June arrives and it rains and rains and rains.  The most I can hope for 7 days in is sun by the solstice.  The longest day sometimes brings some happier fluffy clouds.  In the meantime though I am still planning.  Planning to bake and prepare things in advance.  Changing over the entry closet from scarves and mittens to sunhats and sandals.  This year, as my kitchen time has certainly grown with each moon cycle (these boys can eat I tell you) I've come to really understand the importance of planning ahead.  Having food to pull out of the freezer; whether it be for smoothies, quick treats for guests, or even the "I don't feel like cooking" blues is a must.   And since those hot days are inevitable (they are coming right?) I don't want to be chained to my stove during the dog days of summer.
And so I've been hatching a plan.  I've been gathering advice and making lists in my head.  On my list is making jam, freezing produce in season and trying to ferment veggies too.  So the main gist of this is that if it's raining I'm paying attention to food.  Even if it is just one small batch of cookies or researching U-pick farms rainy days are the time for it.  Because if the sun is shining we are going to be enjoying it.  Period.
So here is my list of finds that are going to help me keep our summer as fun as possible.

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If you have any additions please add them to the comments.  You can never have too many ideas or tips when it comes to food prep and planning ahead.

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Rue said...

I like the idea of prepping for hot weather. We get some scorching days here in July and I never want to cook! We've had rain here for most of this week now, so it's the perfect time for cooking & freezing.