Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rain at Sasquatch

Our first camping trip of 2012 was certainly a memorable event.  The skies opened up and pelted us with a rainy night.  No camp fire or smores were had (well there were two attempts at fire that resulted in exactly two marshmallow's being roasted quickly) (must learn more about fire making!).  But there were some cozy tent moments, hearing an owl hooting in the forest and just enough sunshine the next morning to dry things up a bit.

We visited Sasquatch Provincial Park near the lovely town of Harrison Hot Springs.  While we didn't visit the hot springs this time we did manage to visit a hazelnut farm and a cheese shop selling cheese made on site from their own goat and cow's milk.  We even managed to sit on a patio and eat some lunch before heading home.  The weather forecast was for thundershowers and so we decided that one soggy night was plenty.  But Kyan was thrilled to be camping rain or not.  And getting out of town for 24 hours was refreshing for all of us.

The lesson learned here?  When it's calling for rain, unless it's under a 20 percent chance we'll try another time.  There's always next weekend.

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