Monday, June 4, 2012

spiritual Kinship

kinship - relationship by nature or character; affinity
Along the winding path that has brought me to this moment in my spiritual journey I have been fortunate to find many kin.  None have been blood relations but our bond has been from a common nature, character or interest.  We have sought together, looking inward while using each other as sounding boards for the next step to take.  Sharing books, information and the planning of rituals.  Challenging directions, supporting changes and many times letting go of hopes of similar outcomes.
Each woman that has joined me on this path has met me in a place of openness and I have tried to hold that space with her with an open heart.  You'll notice I say woman and that is because as of yet my practice has not included direct interaction with men.  This was a fairly deliberate choice.  One that can be fleshed out a bit more here if you are so inclined.   In the future I see that that could be different for me but since I am not a seeker right now it remains only one possibility of many.
 I feel fortunate that from several of my close girlfriends spiritual bonds evolved.  And despite geographical distance we ventured down similar paths in search of our truths.  Certainly most of our twenties were about this journey.   Who am I?  What am I looking for in this life?  To have companions as you search is truly a blessing.

Rarely the magic of the circle cast and the trust built from years of planning and carrying out ritual cemented friendship.  The kinship here was made slowly, fermented like a good wine and required patience and devotion to reach it's unique maturity.

Working together, falling apart, trying again or calling it quits.  There have been so many ebbs and flows as the kin have changed through this process.  They all retain special places and memories, sometimes sighs of regret but all lessons were important to the journey at hand.  
This post is about how integral the kinship of the women pictured here and some who are not have been to my path.  How their teachings and love have influenced me beyond measure and made their lasting patina on where my soul rests today.  Coming together in perfect love and trust is a risk that requires a leap of faith.  There are rarely road maps to direct you through the waves of life and spiritual practice as they crash on the shore.   But the bonds breathe and flex, twist and stretch.  I am grateful for each of you, near or far for all you have been and continue to be in this spiral dance.   

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Anonymous said...

It's such a blessing to have kinship in the spiritual path--the path of life! Thanks for sharing your story here.