Friday, May 11, 2012

J is for new Journeys

Last week I stumbled upon a new to me project that was started at the beginning of the year.  The Pagan Blog Project goes through the letters of the alphabet and each Friday you pick a topic beginning with that letter.  This week is J and so I've chosen the word Journeys.
Finding this project has been a step in the right direction for my languishing spiritual path.  I have celebrated Sabatts here and there and have acknowledged the moon as she passes.  I've had intentions of refreshing my altar and planning rituals with friends.  But life gets in my way so often and I just haven't had the dedication I want to to make these plans a priority.
Taking this journey with my blog and focusing my intentions once a week will be a positive step forward for me.  As the boys get further from the baby stage that time will increase, I know.  I try to be present and not fixate on what I can't do.  So joining this project is giving me a sense of what I can do.  Can I plan an elaborate ritual and dance under the full moon, no.  Can I cook with mindfulness and think magical thoughts while stirring a pot of soup, sometimes.  Can I spend Summer Solstice at the beach and bask in the sun for the longest day, hopefully.  And can I write about what my spirituality means to me once a week, yes.
This journey is about finding and redefining my path for myself.  As we grow so too does our path and what we need from it.  Summer is almost here and there is warmth on the horizon.  I'm looking forward to sharing the beach fronts with my almost running 14 month old as he gets to let waves splash on his toes.  Camping trips, preserving wonderful local food, picnics, hiking and watching the gardens grow.  So much goodness to the summer journey ahead and so much is lovely in the spring journey we are already on.  Robins dancing on the grass, windy days, Kyan learning to ride a two wheeler, Elliott's third clear word emerging as cheese.
As my pagan path weaves this way and that, over hills and dales, through thick brush and sunny meadows I have to adapt and reevaluate what it all means to me.  And as the boys grow they will need guidance in their journey's as well.  Learning about different religions, spiritual philosophies, and what they need for themselves.
As the sunshine promises to stay awhile this weekend it seems perfect to just bask it in and let time roll along slowly.
Here's to your new journeys and a wonderful Mother's Day weekend for us all.

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Rachel said...

I started my blog to bring intention and focus to bare as well. I look forward to reading about yours.