Friday, May 18, 2012

someday...J is for Jasper

About 10 years ago this summer my sister and I took a 12 hour bus ride from Vancouver BC to Camrose Alberta to attend our cousin's wedding.  Along the way we had many stops but the one that is most memorable for me is when we stopped to stretch our legs outside of Jasper National Park.
From the Convenience Store parking lot I saw a far away mountain peak...(after searching mountain names in Jasper I'm still not sure which one this is)

And this wild and stunning landscape has been sitting in my heart ever since.  Someday a visit will be planned and carried out.  This trip will have a sense of pilgrimage to me.  I have many such places that I'd like to visit in a spiritual context.  Many are the typical pagan spots: Stonehenge, Newgrange, the Ganges river and some are just mystical and compelling to me for other reasons.
Being in wild places is very important to my pagan path.  It reminds me that I am small, that the earth in her mystery and power can inspire wonder and quiet the aimless ramblings of the mind.  I can get that when heading outside here as well but certain places in the world hold an allure of something deeper.  A lesson of place emitting an energy of a specific kind.  That energy can only be felt when your feet are planted on that ground, when you are breathing that air and feeling the breeze on your skin.
This song was inspired by this glorious place and only increases my resolve to visit.

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