Thursday, November 3, 2011

a naming day

Last week we had a naming ceremony for Elliott.  Looking back on the post of Kyan's naming the two days could not have been more opposite.   A sunny June 28th and a rainy October 28th (funny that I picked the same day...didn't plan that one.)  But regardless of the weather we, (three mamas, 4 kids and 2 babes) headed to the woods nearby to let nature provide the backdrop for Elliott's day.

The photos are all slightly blurry but I think that adds to the mood out there.  Under the trees we didn't get pelted with rain but things were damp and we moved through the ritual without lingering too much.  After all I didn't want the little ones to get too cold out there.  I began by telling the meaning behind the name Elliott and his middle name and listing the ancestors he is connected to by his names and his day of birth.  Then each of the kids circled him for his elemental blessing.  Maracas and bells for air bringing virtues of quick wit, imagination, intuition and communication.  Candles for fire bringing: passion, creativity, drive and regeneration.

Water bringing virtues of compassion, courage, empathy and fluidity (so important for a Pisces!) And salt and rice for earth bringing with them health, strength, grounding and family connections.

Next we blessed him with a rosemary wreath for keeping tricky fairies away.  Which is seen above in the first photo and then we filled his magical box with offerings of stones, shell and a clay pendant.  From his immediate family he was given Blue Calcite from me, Angelite from Kyan and Hematite from Dave.  We each chose our stones at a local gem shop and I was fascinated to read that the blue stone Kyan chose which I had never heard of before is a stone of peace and brotherhood.  A fitting choice to give a little brother I'd say.  I embroidered cloths with the family surnames for Elliott as I did for Ky and we chanted May you walk in the beauty way, dance along the sacred path, always in step with the rhythm of Mother Earth.
Whether or not Elliott becomes a pagan he will have this box to remind him of spirit and of the celebrations that he will attend with me as he grows.  I still have to line the box with fabric and paint it but I was so glad to have the chance to make this little ritual happen for him.

We came back home afterward and feasted on Smokey Pumpkin soup, garlic cheese bread, tea and banana bread for dessert.  It is a testament to how lovely my girlfriends are that when they left I had a loaf and a half of banana bread, a clean kitchen and a peaceful heart.  This day was for Elliott and we are so grateful to have him in our midst.  Me, his Dada and brother and our whole tribe.

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