Tuesday, November 29, 2011

lucky seven

Well the little man's seventh month was all about moving and teething it seemed.  Chesty coughs ushered in teeth and the third pushed through and seemed to herald the reality of a baby wanting to eat.  When this guy was hungry watch out, he means business.

It was especially important for Mama to have something for him to munch on if big brother was eating or the temper flared...as with month six though the big smiles were prevalent.  Mr. 25 pounds was a happy guy.

Rolling was also very popular in month seven, once sitting was mastered it wasn't long before he threw himself down and rolled to where ever he felt he needed to be.  Sitting still was a rarity but could happen if brother was willing to entertain or Dada captured his attention with Zoom Zoom.

As the leaves fell the boy decided to learn to crawl.  Military style.  And seven flew by in a flash of baby giggles, swift transitions, and drooly kisses.

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