Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art of the Month: January

It's time for our next installment of the Memory Keeper Project.  Here is the third block in what will be a quilt of my life.  (to see block one and two)  2010 was a year when the ocean called me and I carried over an interest in Runes from 2009.  Thanks to my mother-in-law giving me Runes:: Theory & Practice for a holiday gift I was able to research the Ansuz rune which seemed in the beginning of the year to herald a new year of health and cleansing.

What it ended up bringing to us though was an opening. A feeling of push and pull, two steps forward, three steps back and ultimately our family of three was faced with opening up to the addition of another soul. 
I quilted a wave across the background as a homage to the cleansing of the ocean.  The effect is subtle but peaceful to contemplate up close. 

...A message comes to you.
Open eyes and ears
to the gods who speak
with tones loud as an avalanche,
soft as a feather's fall.

                                                                   -excerpt from Modern rune poem by E. Vongvisith

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Atlantic Muse said...

i really love the art of this. wish it was easier to see it up close in all its textures...