Tuesday, January 25, 2011

out on Saturday

This Saturday brought a much needed respite from mommyhood with an excursion to the Vancouver Art Gallery with a very dear friend.  She had visited this exhibit and several pieces reminded her of me and so she invited me to go.  We had a great time looking at art, eating crepes, and talking about our brains, how they wire themselves depending on attachment and how our lives go through stages where different aspects of who we are come to the forefront.  Then I headed to the big downtown library and sat in the interior decor section because I couldn't find the sewing section and looked at books.

The first that I enjoyed was Amy Butler's Midwest Modern: A Fresh Design Spirit for the Modern Lifestyle.  I wouldn't say that my/our style is midwest modern but there are elements to how she designs that are just so lovely and comfortable.  Her casual pile of folded vintage tablecloths on the kitchen counter was very appealing to me.  Simple, colourful and soft in a room filled with hard lines and appliances.

The other book that struck several cords with me was The Family Home: Relaxed, Informal Living for All Ages by Joanna Copestick.   The designs were slightly dated since this book is over 10 years old but I loved the concept of designing for having a family rather than trying to create a home that looks like a magazine and is full of things that shouldn't be touched. 

Colour, warmth and functionality were important factors in all the designs.  I found the book made me think of a more European sense of design since technology was not as prominent on the pages.  But of course being from over 10 years ago the techie age was not nearly as big as it is now.  It's amazing how quickly flat screens in every room and digital everything has become the norm in interiors.  

Another excursion I took this weekend made my living room curtain dilemma even larger since drapes are not going to work as I had planned.  They would just come to close to the base electric heaters which are right below the patio doors.  So plans B, C and D are in the works.  I wanted to have this resolved before baby arrives since my sewing time will all but disappear but we'll see.  Hopefully we'll get something that works before I am forced to tack up sheets again in the middle of a July heatwave.  All in good time I'm sure, all in good time.

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