Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's really been happening...

August was very quiet around here, wasn't it?  I am going to share the main reason for this now.....
I am pregnant.  Our family is very excited to be adding our fourth member.  He or she will arrive sometime in March 2011.  The first trimester is nearing it's end now as I am in the 12th week.  With Kyan's pregnancy I was rather depressed and nauseous and oh, so tired.  The same has been the case this time.   Each day was different,  some more challenging than others but overall I think this time the yucky feelings have been a bit quicker to go away.
I am so glad to have this blog as a record of this time.  I did not blog when I was pregnant with Kyan.   This child will have a record of its growth from an earlier stage than Ky does.
So I hope this explains my lack of posts and it also is the main reason for my slow progress in getting our new home organized.  The long weekend helped us get some things in place but the process of settling in will take many months as we plan on purchasing new furniture and making this place look like us.  As I may have mentioned before our style is still a work in progress.
As more energy starts to creep in I have more posts formulating in my head and I hope to return to a normal posting schedule this month.  I won't go baby crazy here but I'll definitely keep everyone updated and relate baby news that I think is pertinent or that inspires my writing desires.
Thanks for sticking with me.  I hope you'll enjoy the new adventure our family  is undertaking in the months to come.  As a fun little comparison I took a photo now and contrasted it with one from Kyan's pregnancy.  My belly is close to the size it was at 5 months now at only 3.  But they say that you pop out much faster in subsequent pregnancies.

12 Weeks, September 2010
Around 5 months, August 2007


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You are so beautiful pregnant.



TMCPhoto said...

Doesn't it just pop out faster? We were a little worried that the Bean was going to be plural because my belly was so big at 10 weeks. If your picture from 2007 is any indication you're positively glowing!

I'm glad you're a little more settled, the next few weeks will be so much easier after the first Trimester.

Rue said...

Wow - what great news! What a cute belly - giggle! Congratulations!

Silverlotus said...


West/CJ said...

Congratulations. I hope the nausea goes away soon.