Sunday, September 5, 2010

a belated thanks

Many weeks ago now I was excited to learn that I had won a Tarot deck in the wonderful Rue of Rue and Hyssop's giveaway.   You may remember that I only  have one other deck.  They have come to me slowly and while my Sacred Circle Tarot is very grounded on this planet the Celestial Tarot is all about the starts and the night sky. 
The two cards that have spoken to me the most so far are the Ten of Pentacles, Earth card and the Princess of Cups, Autumn card.

The artwork on this card just called to me the first time I saw it.  I loved the description of the card in the booklet as well: 
Embodying Life on Earth
The earth signs combine to prophecy prosperity and to reconnect us to the ancient mysteries of the ancestors whose blood and fate we inherit...

And of course since the season is a few weeks away and Autumn is my new year with my birthday and such this card just fills me up right now.  The ironic thing is that a tarot deck all about the stars is what I've gotten and two cards relating to being more grounded are what appeal to me right now.  I would equate it with the move and my need to set my roots down.  Once I feel more settled I'll be able to look upwards and let my spirit explore the messages in the stars.  Since I love astrology so much having a deck like this is really fun and I can sense a whole other layer of understanding about the signs just around the corner for me.

I'm also already thinking about what sort of a bag I'll use to hold them.  Perhaps I'll create a new one covered in constellations....I'll think on it.

Thanks so much Rue for having this giveaway.  And please visit her shop Spiral Spirit Offerings for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. 

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Rue said...

I'm so happy you are enjoying these cards - and now that I've read your newest post I can see why...very maternal!