Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today is a day that I would love to be able to reset. It was probably my fault that it went the way it did I just felt stress as soon as my feet hit the floor and well....let's just say that my pride and my car are the injured ones. (don't worry nothing drastic but enough damage to hurt the pocket book I'm afraid)

So since I can't hit reset I'll share a happy little project that I recently finished with the help of many. Throughout my childhood I had this little table and chair (there were two but one was sacrificed to broken kid's toys heaven) I made several imaginary friends imaginary meals that were enjoyed on this table. It is filled with nostalgia for me and to make it even more meaningful it was my mother's when she was a child as well. So when friend's were driving across the country and my mom asked if there was anything that she could send I asked for the table. My dad lovingly took it apart and it arrived like this.

Definitely in need of an update after 30 years or so between paint jobs. Luckily my step-father-in-law is a master carpenter and he glued this back together for me and then I sanded it down and painted it up and voila.

A functional, beautiful, vintage and memory laden little table for a little man. I plan on searching out another little chair so that a friend may join him in tea parties, art making or whatever his little heat desires. I feel so lucky to have this little piece of family history to pass on to him. I wish car paint jobs were as easy to fix as little tables....


Lyneya said...

Isn't it great when you get to take something wonderful from you childhood and make it useful for another generation? :) It looks wonderful.

TMCPhoto said...

so sorry about the bad day, I've had many days I'd love to delete.

Growing up my sister and I shared a doll crib that was handmade by an older gentleman who made them for women in the maternity ward of the hospital that I was born in.

It's sitting in my mom's garage and I'm hoping that I get to bring it home with me for the Peanut when we go there in May

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great attitude regarding your day that you would like to reset. That helps :) That little table and chair are so precious.It is filled with wonderful memories.
What a gift!

Bridgett said...

Love it!
And it fits him perfectly!

I have a tiny little rocking chair that was mine as a child...both of my kids have rocked and played in it as toddlers.

There's just something so sweet about these vintage pieces.


Rue said...

I love this kind of thing. I have a few things I've saved since I was little. I had so much fun sharing them with my neices.

I do hope your car repairs won't be too serious. Glad you are okay, at least!