Monday, February 8, 2010

Cards begin to Arrive


More cards have arrived! View Tami and Lyneya's posts here and here. I am loving the diversity and the different points of inspiration! One Pink Fish posted a very heartfelt and revealing post about the process of making her card here.

*Update* February 4, 2010
My card arrived today from the very talented Michelle. What fun to receive such a lovely piece of art. I love the fire bellow (I had to Google its name, I had no idea) and the colours are vibrant and cheerful. It had lovely red wrapping as well. Thanks so much Michelle.

February 3rd, 2010
I wanted to share news of the first arrivals of cards from the Imbolc Art Card Exchange. Michelle posted about the card she received from Heidi Dawn. And Spiritual Mother left me a message saying that hers had arrived as well. Here is the one I sent to Spiritual Mother.

the Goddess image was from some fabric you may recognize and I painted the background and added lace and glitter. On the front I wrote out Caitlin Matthew's Song of Imbolc.

And the message from Spiritual Mother:

I received the most gorgeous card from you for Imbolc! Thank you so much! Your card is a beautiful work of art and the extra little treasures are wonderful. It's been a hard last couple of weeks, thank you for bringing a glimpse of spring with your Imbolc greetings!

I can't wait to hear about everyone else receiving their cards! Drop a little line off in the comments on this post when you do and post a link to your post about it. I'll update this post as they arrive to include every one's cards. I have already had some interest expressed in doing this again and while I can't commit to hosting this for every Sabbat I will host one again this fall for either Lughnasad or Autumn Equinox. It may take a slightly different form but will remain similar to the ease and artistic flare of this one.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card :) I look forward to seeing the others as they are received.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy it arrived! :D
Glad you like it.

TMCPhoto said...

my card arrived yesterday and I love it.

I'll be posting pictures on my blog in the next day or so

Lyneya said...

I got my card! It's beautiful!
I posted pictures on my blog

Thanks Jen for organizing this and thanks Tami for an awesome card

Jazmine Rhomyk-Rountree said...

I LOOOOOOOVE mine!!! It came a day or two ago, and boy was it a real gift- in all senses! *squeeeee!* pics to come... Thank you!

TMCPhoto said...

Hey Jen,

I've posted about my card.

here's the link:

Bridgett said...

These cards are just lovely! You all are so creative.


Heidi Dawn said...
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Heidi Dawn said...

I had a powerful and moving Imbolc that seemed to have its seedlings in this card exchange. I created a gathering where mothers got together with their children for a spiritual experience and the cards all my invitees received were created at the same time as the one I sent to California. Thanks Jen and all the other wonderful creative souls who participated. I decided to create a blogger account so I can comment & post etc. Wander on over to Atlantic Muse to see the cards I received.