Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainy Reflections

The rain is here. Torrential at times, blustery at times, and rather cold. When Kyan woke up for some milk around 5:30 this morning it was very much a downpour. I could hear drips and I immediately had a flashback to last year. Same month, perhaps a week later and crazy amounts of water coming out of our fireplace. At that point Kyan was crawling and was not fun. I briefly mentioned it in this post from last November. As I lay in bed this morning debating whether to go and check the fireplace (I didn't. I correctly convinced myself it was not coming from downstairs) I sensed that the experience had left a bit of panic in me. My body was remembering that ordeal, the weekend following which was my birthday and in which I had a pretty bad flu, and Kyan having a cold that lasted three weeks. To sum up these feelings left me unable to get back to sleep for over an hour.
Our family is slowing down at this time. Sleeping more, cuddling more, trying to stay cozy and dry. I feel that this year with H1N1 out there and the fact that we are going to Quebec to visit my family for the holidays we need to be as rested as possible. Last night some friends and I had a wonderful meal, did foot soaks and facials and watched an entertaining movie. A great night and very needed for our bodies.

November wants us to slow but it is such a hard thing to do. I'm doing my best this year to not let the frenzy of the holidays spin us around like tops. This has meant not signing up for some fun holiday blog events that I would have liked to participate in and deciding that my ambitious list of homemade gifts was going to have to be seriously cut down. But there is always next year. Take care of yourselves. Rest, sleep and eat good food, you deserve it.


TMCPhoto said...

great photos, I love the second one. Glad you don't have a flood to deal with and that you are all healthy.

As for your ambitious gifting plans I'd work on the handmade gifts when you have the time and save them all for next year.

Rue said...

Such a good idea, slowing down and taking care of yourself! Glad everyone is well!

greekwitch said...

Beautiful pictures. Such a great advice and reminder to take care of ourselves.

Bridgett said...

Sleeping more always sounds good to me. :)

Love the photos.