Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Walk

On Friday Ky and I took a walk to our (his) favorite spot. We had a slight respite from the rain for a time and so getting a walk in on my birthday was more enjoyable than it would have been hours later during the thunderstorm.

His passion (right now) is trains. Chu-chu trains, transit trains, Thomas the Tank Engine...if it's a train he wants to see it.

Trying to talk to him when the train is going by is impossible. He is enraptured. Luckily we live close to a bike/pedestrian bridge and we can watch it from above. When becoming a mother I never would have guessed that learning the train schedule and rejoicing when we happen upon one would be such a huge part of my day.

It is challenging to convince him to keep walking so that we can get to the part of the walk that I like. He would wait all day for another glimpse.

A fallen birch tree. More and more birches strike me with their beautiful bark.

Still Creek. I loved the reflections of the moody clouds and the stillness of the water. Despite the dreary November weather I was able to find some soul enriching beauty to wonder at that day. It's always nice to have something beautiful to fill you up on your birthday.


TMCPhoto said...

I think that bridge is fairly close to us, The Peanut loves trains too, some days she claims she is one, then she magically becomes a sea turtle and runs around the house yelling "urtle urtle urtle" because that's what turtles say.

I'm glad you had a bit of beauty on your day. That was quite the light show on Friday too, a great way to herald in a new year for you. Happy belated Birthday

Bridgett said...

What a wonderful day spent together. Loved the pictures. :)