Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

November has flown by with fewer posts than normal for me. It seems that the desire has been there but not the drive. Part of that was an attempt at combating what I see as a recipe for a lower immune system, too much stress and too little sleep. As the little guy deals with his two year molars coming in and we wash those hands to avoid viruses I have tried to be mindful of the natural rhythm this time of year brings to slow.
So while my physical self has taken that literally my brain is full steam ahead. I have so many lists floating around in there, planning for our holiday trip, getting the house, finances and blog in order before we leave, developing some new materials for Chasing Domestic Bliss, Pagan Pages and some other web content, work as always coming in and out each week and the small detail of an overwhelming desire to re-organize my entire house. This desire has crept in as a little idea here, a hint there and then just a realization that as another birthday rolls around for the little guy new stuff will arrive with it. And that of course means that some of the older stuff needs to go or be put away. I also want to rethink his bedroom since he has had the same room placement now since his birth. I've changed a few things here and there but overall it is the same room. We will probably move him into the larger bedroom that is now a guest room/office in the next six months and with that will come the intimidating (probably more to me than him) big boy bed. His new stuff also needs better placement in our home. Art supplies, toys that require more space, books shifting with seasonal changes etc.
Today I put my sewing stuff away until after the holidays. I need to focus my energy in other creative areas and take some time to develop projects and time lines. Making plans is a fun part of the change of the calender. There seems to be infinite possibilities and potential. I do tend to over plan and bite off more than I can chew but it's nice to dream a little and let reality come calling later on. Here's to your holiday & new year dreams.

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Bridgett said...

Busy times for sure. But then again, this time of year always seems very busy.

Hope you have a wonderful week!