Thursday, September 3, 2009

I want to remember...

The time that I was so looking forward to is in full bloom. Ever since Kyan started walking I've been waiting for the time when he'd pick up rocks, sticks, pine cones and such and carry them around with him. I was a collector as a child and stones were my favorite. Often I would fill my pockets and hands to the brim and play with them for what seemed like hours.
Now that this time is here for Ky I just want to remember it. I wanted to record it here so that I remember his exclaims of delight at seeing pine cones! How he tries to pick up huge parts of fallen tree branches, the expression on his face as he contemplates which object he must relinquish in order to pick up another and how glorious his little hands are as they reach for nature's toys.

To store some of these treasures in one place I've created a little shelf for his outside toys. It used to be a shoe rack so it's nothing fancy but it's functional. On top I've placed a wooden salad bowl and a few other little pots to hold the rocks, sticks, feathers and such. It is his own nature altar for all of the things he holds dear at this moment (and some that I like too.) He usually goes to it as soon as he's out the door and chooses which things to carry with him. This stage is so interesting as if he must hold at least one thing in his hands at all times. I will keep this little habit of his as one of my most precious memories of this summer.


mrsb said...

Very cool! I was a pocket hoarder myself :O)

Domestic Witch said...

Thank you so much for signing up to be inteviewed, I'm so sorry I've fallen behind in getting those out. I can't wait to interview you, it should be in your e-mail box this weekend!