Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tales from my Garden Wrap up

The word of the week it seems is "crisp." It's being thrown around everywhere I look, radio, t.v., podcasts. It seems that our fall is officially here. Today Ky and I took a walk in the rain and watched the water moving in all its glory over stone retaining walls, down gutters and through gardens. It was refreshing but chilling as well. We haven't turned on the heat yet but I think this week will see us doing that.

I thought I'd do one last post about my garden since I'm putting it to bed for the season. This year was different than last. Overall I felt that my garden looked nicer for longer last year and I'm not sure why that is. I put in a retaining fence to keep the soil from running off, added several bags of new soil and tried to put plants that would like the conditions in. I lost several plants and found that some purchases were not what I was looking for. My vegetable attempts did not work out. Although after completely giving up on my tomato plant I realized that it did in fact grow on tiny yellow tomato. That was a lesson in and of itself. My peppers were just too late in blossoming and were infested with some sort of pest from my Nicotina plant. My herbs did the best and I plan to freeze some parsley and basil before the frost arrives.

This year my garden taught me that when you work with living things improvement and progress is not a straight line. There is a spiral aspect to the progress of gardens. Some years they do well and others not so much. If my houseplants are any indication then this year was just not my year for plants. Better luck in 2010.

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