Friday, July 31, 2009

Tales from my Garden

This heat wave is making some plants really happy and some not so much. My tomatoes are verging on giving up I think. Which makes me sad but the intense heat is pushing the pot the plant is in to the max and even with watering it every day and giving it the seaweed fertilizer once a week, it may not hang on. There should be some sign of fruit and at this point there isn't. So I think I may have to go back to the drawing board next year. Only time will tell.

My Maya flowers Rudbeckia hirta are loving the heat. They are happy, yellow and very showy. They are my favorite purchase for the year. Next year if we are still in this house I'll plant more of them in the front since they seem to like it there so much.

Here is my Platycondon or Balloon flower. The blooms are delicate and colourful.

I'm happy that I tried the tomatoes and we'll see how the green peppers turn out. The plant is growing lots and I planted it late so I don't expect peppers for another month. I seem to be more successful with flowers so far and my herbs are doing well. One thing I learned from growing up on a farm though is that you can rarely predict how plants will turn out. Much of it is chance, experience and weather conditions blending for a harmonious growing season.

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