Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All about Colour

Living in tune with the seasons has brought me into closer contact with specific colours over the last few years. I never associated my various colour preferences to weather or nature much before but as each summer arrives I find that one or a certain combination of colours will jump out at me. In these moments it is almost as if I have never seen the colour before and there it is, enticing me, and delighting me every time I see it.

This gorgeous coral pink/orange began to be my favorite 5 years ago. It still speaks to me and I've combined it with chocolate brown, blues and greens. Just a bright, happy colour that is rich but rarely overpowering.

These were my wedding colours. Bright green, fuchsia and a blue close to turquoise. Our wedding was in the garden and I used a backdrop of white tablecloths to pop the colours out. I swagged the main tables in this ribbon and had various other references to these shades throughout the decor. Including: Gerbera daisies in fuchsia as centerpieces, my maid of honour wore a green and blue dress, and I hung shear ribbons in these colours from the trees around the ceremony site with small pieces of mirror attached that reflected light.

So what colour has made a place in my hear this summer? Yellow of course. Fashion and design trends have been using yellow for a few seasons now but something happened to yellow and I this summer...and well, I can't get enough of it.

For instance look at this Yarrow! Isn't it stunning? It is called terracotta and to be honest the tag said it goes from salmon pink to terracotta to cream....but this looks yellow to me. My Yarrow is loving this hot, dry weather and I've noticed wild Yarrow all over the city in ditches and on road sides. The wild yarrow is even more intense in colour, rivaling Goldenrod in it's brightness.
This is my sunny, happy person dress that I wore to a lovely June wedding. It jumped off the rack and into my closet. Luckily it was also on sale and perfect for my budget. I can't wait to wear this dress again. I've never had a yellow dress before. The photo makes it look a bit more sunflower yellow but I would say it's closer to butter.

And I just had to include this worn and simple quilt that was on our bed at the cabin on Salt Spring Island. Just a perfect hit of lemon. Yellow and white go great together.

Yellow is a great colour for it moves through each season. Sunny summers full of bright flowers, leaves in heaps in the fall. For winter time I think of squash and warm fires and for spring it is the hint of blossoms and the tone of the dead grass as green shoots start emerging. What are your colours this summer? Does your favorite ever change or do you stick with one? What do you associate with them? Colours say so much about your emotional and mental state. I guess mine is pretty sunny right now.

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