Sunday, July 19, 2009


This month's poem and self-portrait feel slightly indulgent. But perhaps I'm too modest and one must do some self-reflection from time to time. Both the photo and poem were inspired on Salt Spring Island, BC.

Gifts to Me

in a secret garden the wind sounds like footsteps
dappled light of another kind flows,
hides, reveals simple pleasures
the simple thoughts and plans we'll make
the air fresh with lavender
the skin still warm from July sun
white leg, pale blue wings
these moments were gifts to me

bees still busy at their work
will sleep in darkness and wake with the dawn
black tailed does, their babies beside
prance behind blackberry bushes in bloom
my baby grows in his sleep
nestled under fresh breezes
bringing clouds that hold rain

a small time alone
reflection and quiet

these moments are gifts to me

1 comment:

DarklyFey said...

Beautiful spirit shines through both the photo and the poem.

Deep Peace!