Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yearly Goals Update

It's been six months....how are your New Year's goals coming along? Mine are in various states of being. The original post of my goals is here. I thought I'd go through them today.

Green Living Goals for 2009

-Make my own reusable menstrual pads & buy a new Keeper or Diva Cup
* I haven't had a chance to get this done yet. Sewing has not been the easiest thing to set up and do these last few months.

-Take a walk in nature every day
*Every day, no. Several times a week, yes. We are outside for at least an hour a day. Sometimes we just walk around the complex. The last few days Kyan has decided he wants me to carry him everywhere. I don't understand why yet. It could be the heat? Hearing dogs bark? (he seems to be afraid of dogs) His sandals not being comfortable? Separation anxiety? The jury is still out on this one.

-Look into getting a plot in our community garden & grow vegetables
*I did some research. Found several options for community gardens and stopped there. I do not have the time or energy at this point in our lives to take on such a big project as a garden plot would entail. So hopefully when Kyan is older and he can help me with it and I have more time (yah right!) this one will happen.

-Grow some vegetables in containers at home
*I have started a tomato plant which I will blog about later this month. I plan to get a few more vegetables and also get a few more flowers later this month.

-Continue to reduce packaging consumption
*This is a life long project for me. Packaging is everywhere. But I actually managed to reduce some by working on the goal below.

-Make more foods from scratch
*Yes I have! I currently make my own granola bars which has reduced the packaging that they came in. Each one individually wrapped within a cardboard box. I make my own bread as I mentioned in a post last month. And I have made hummus as well. These are the new additions to my making things from scratch. I feel proud of getting this goal going.

-Officially become an EcoMom community leader
*I have worked on this goal but it is out of my hands now. I signed the form, mailed it in and have received no response as to the interview you are supposed to take. This organization is run by busy moms and I have taken it as a sign that I should keep on going with my current projects and not try to overfill my cup.

-Plan & host an EcoMom party
*Not done for same reasons as above. This was a bit too ambitious for me.

Spiritual/Artistic Goals for 2009
-Continue my once a month ritual time (hopefully increase to twice a month)
*I think I managed four out of six. Since I don't include my Sabbat celebrations with this. I have missed this dearly in the last few months. But I will keep working on it. The time is there I just have to plan better.

-Plan a celebration for each Sabbat (small is okay)
*I celebrated Imbolc and celebrated and decorated for Beltaine. Solstice will be while I'm on vacation so that will also be a yes.

-Research a pagan themed essay I've been mulling over
*This particular topic has not yet been researched but it is still alive at the back of my mind. It's just waiting for its time to be written.

-Let the cycles of nature resonate inside me
*Being outside as I have been has helped with this. I do feel the seasons in my bones more now or I consciously acknowledge them more.

-Continue to branch out into the Pagan/Spiritual community
*I have joined PaganSpace.net and I do plan to attend our local Pagan Pride day this year. This blog is part of my outreach as well.

-Make time for my yoga practice
*Can't say I've done this. Some stretching here and there but no real "practice" yet.

-Make art when the spirit moves me, with the intention of developing my "style" and technique further
*As I mentioned above sewing wise, art and me are not getting much done. Although I did finish my album cover painting for my friend Matt. So that project is finished on my part. I'm striving to do more work this summer.

-Mother & love from a place of peace & truth
*This goal is eternal. I do my best in each day, each hour, each minute, each second. I'm not always successful but the intention is there.

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