Friday, May 29, 2009

Art of the Month: May

Sarah's Dream, Hazel's Home 2006, quilting, applique

Tomorrow is Hazel's 7th birthday. Her mama, a wonderful friend and former circle mate of mine had a dream of breastfeeding her in blackberry bushes before she was even born. This piece was done for a quilt show challenge. The theme was "There's no place like home". The other elements to the challenge were that they give you a bag of fabric, feathers and other items, six of which must be included on the piece. I see the largeness of Sarah's figure to represent the universal mother, the earth, and the grandeur of a mother's love and sense of protection.
There are many things I would change about this piece now. But it is still my most ambitious art quilt project to date.
I can't believe that Miss Hazel is already 7 years old. Time goes so fast...


This Guy said...

OMG. This is absolutly beautiful. I WISH I could sew like this! I've always wanted to learn how to quilt, and that would be an amazing project, and a huge undertaking. So beautiful. That would make such a nice babyshower gift too!

Jen said...

Thanks for that! I'm sure with your sewing ablility you can master quilting in no time! I am still a beginner. I was a member of a guild for several years but I have no time to attend meetings these days. Search in your area for a guild. You get to hang out with wonderful old ladies (and the occasional man) and drink tea and talk sewing. It's a hoot.