Friday, June 19, 2009

And we're off...(almost)

... happily drowning in camping gear...

It's our first vacation in over a year. Bright and early tomorrow morning we are headed to our first of three ferry rides that will bring us to the wonderful Hornby Island for some camping and relaxation. I am so excited about this. Really, very happy to be getting into some nature with no cars whizzing by, no sirens, and some fresh air. The air could end up being fresh with rain but we are going to take our chances. I wanted to link to this great post at In Heywood's Meadow about camping with kids. So helpful in the planning process.

This is our first foray into camping together as a couple and family all at once. We are luckily going with some seasoned campers who will hopefully ease us into it.

Soon I'll have some photos to share of ocean, trees and campfires. I'm really glad that I'll be living outside for the solstice. I wish you all a very happy solstice if you celebrate it and a great father's day to all the daddies out there.

I'll be back on Wednesday with our camping adventures.


This Guy said...

OMG You are going to have an AWESOME vacation! and WELL deserved too!! I love camping, at 5 star hotels. So enjoy the bugs, and pee'ing in the bush. I will send you a post card from the Royal York, or the Ritz or something! hahhha Acutally I don't mind camping too much, as long as there is CLEAR water to swim in. No ponds for me where I cant see the bottom. Monsters live in there you know!! lol

Janet said...

I hope the weather co-operates, but it sounds like you're prepared to have fun no matter what! Hope you have a great time :)