Friday, May 15, 2009

The Zen in Floor Washing

This week I finally got my kitchen floor washed. (applause here)
I don't know why it was such a challenge to do for the last couple of months but it was done and is already dirty again (of course)
My approach to cleaning is somewhere between my mother's and the "dirty hippy" method. Clean very well when you do, try to keep things tidy in the meantime but you will not find me scrubbing floors or washing dishes at 11:00 at night when I should be in bed.
Having a child has made my cleaning methods go even more Zen. How often can you pick up after a 17 month old? He has a fascination with all cleaning tools and wants to help me, do it himself or some variation on that with all things I try to clean. While I was cleaning the bathtub he wanted to get in the tub so he could have the sponge. He gets upset when I take the vacuum out of his hands so that we actually suck up the debris on the floor. Last time I washed the floor I spent most of my energy moving him away from the water bucket.
This time I decided to go Zen. Let the water fall where it may and relax. I showed him how to rub the floor with a sponge and let him have full access to the bucket. After all I already have the mop out, I need water on the floor anyway and I use non-toxic cleaners. Go for it little man, have a blast. He proceeded to fill up the sponge with water and squeeze it out all over himself and the floor.
The results of this slippery endeavor were a very wet pair of socks (mine) a soaked pair of pants and socks and indoor shoes (him) and a clean floor.
Mission accomplished.
Changing my socks and his outfit was a small price to pay for the pointless stress of trying to keep him away from the process. I'm not ready to try this with toilet washing but it works great on the floors!

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