Friday, March 16, 2012

Elliott's eleven

Well here we are, my baby is one today.  All the celebration part will be shared later on as the party is tomorrow.  Today is about his eleventh month which held some big stuff for such a little guy.  On the day he turned eleven months we were at Emergency getting an x-ray and prodding and poking to find out what was making him so ill.  We did get some answers and he was on the mend soon after.
The big news of the month was taking his first steps and by today becoming a walker!  He will still crawl sometimes but is using walking as his primary transport method.  I love the pride in his face, along with the joyful smile when he walks toward me.  Priceless.

This will be the last of E's months updates and I feel lucky that my little guy will be able to look back on these posts someday to see his first year's progress.  It has literally flown by and I marvel at the pace that humans grow even though it is slow compared to many other mammals.
Eventually I'll post his birth story as well.  All in good time.  For now I must get back to food prep, and sharing the day with my two sons who are growing up right before my eyes at such a crazy pace.
Have a lovely weekend.

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