Monday, March 12, 2012

around here

 Our days are very full right now.  Party planning, new classes, time change adjustments, sleepovers, there are lots of things to do and of course not enough hours to do them all.  Somehow I've found time to read and rest somewhat, in a fashion I suppose.  I think I may be learning how to go into the moments in the last weeks.  I have a sense that even though I'm in part of the rough that the lovely is still shimmering through here and there and it is worth watching and breathing in.  The balance of light approaches and this time always puts me in a space that feels like being suspended; peaking over the hill at the possibilities, mapping them out to be sure there is time while at the same time letting the rooted feeling of day to day get into the marrow and mark its stamp on me.  When this time of year rolls around it always gives me such a feeling of hope and pause.  Just be.  And then soon enough things shift again.  Despite the strangeness of it I think it is as close to the idea of perfection as I've ever come.

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