Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book of the Month: Valentine


Last week at the library I came across their special holiday section.  We love Little Bear around here and so seeing a special Valentines story about him was a chance to enjoy the holiday with Kyan.  The story is sweet and simple.  The reader follows Little Bear as he makes and delivers Valentines to his friends.  Through it all he is wondering who left him a Valentine in his mailbox.  The characters live in the late 19th century so there is a charm to the illustrations and period that more modern set stories just don't have.
I find holidays to be a bit hard for kids since the day always has anticipation and then is gone so quickly.  Since Ky loves holidays so much (he is still singing Christmas carols!)  I try to spread them out over a couple of weeks before and after, reading holiday stories like this one makes a great marker in time.

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TMCPhoto said...

Spreading it out I find makes the holiday that much more fun and meaningful because there's the time to give explanations and build traditions.