Thursday, October 6, 2011


Six months have passed and my baby ain't so little any more.  He sits unassisted now and seems to plop down as he pleases when he wants to shuffle around from back to tummy.  I think I'm lucky that crawling has still not happened...he's not going to be still for long.

 He loves to be outside and around people.  When we spend the whole day at home he seems angry with me and gives his Dada lot's of smiles when he gets home as if to say: Thank goodness you're here.  She's boring me to death.

 Lucky for me I'm not the only one around.  The brother bond is getting larger by the minute.  They both make each other laugh, Ky will actually entertain him for extended periods now which comes in handy.  I am amazed by the genetically programmed adoration that exudes from the second sibling for the first almost from birth. (I know from experience that this does not last and so it seems important to chronicle it)

 His first meal was tree ripened, local organic peaches and they were a hit.  Although eating remains a once a day thing and is still not top on his list.  But if tonight's dinner was any indication month seven could take us to the next level and introduce Elliott having breakfast into our routine.

Month six has revealed even more of his personality: he loves bath time, doesn't like to feel constricted in the high chair or the car seat.  Moves like crazy, grabs, squeezes, squeals and smiles big time.

Two teeth emerged after his last cold and we are in the middle of his third this month.  I hate that he has been so sick in his first year....but despite my best efforts that is our life.  I wonder if this cold will see the emergence of more teeth, we'll see.  I still can't get over his eyes though.  So far other than his size they are the feature that everyone comments on.  Ah, this boy I could eat him up.

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