Monday, April 25, 2011

Month two: Get 'er done

While month one of Elliott's life was all about being gentle in the family's approach,  month two has a different energy for me.  Things are needing to get done.  Laundry, basics like the kitchen, vacuuming, the bathroom and even the fun stuff.  Last week fun stuff took priority and everything else went to pot.  And so Get 'er done....that is this month's motto.

The state of my kitchen this morning:

I learned last week that you can sew table cloths for your co-op Easter brunch (don't ask me why I volunteered for this right now...I just wanted to sew :) with a little one in a carrier and a three year old using the fabric as an ocean for his Little People.

special gifts for the midwife who caught the baby can be made....even if a normal half hour project takes three instead

And a trike can be decorated for an Easter parade in the span of ten minutes....

 This month will be about trying to set a few new rhythms for the family to create some stability for us all.  But for the most part making things happen will be the goal.  It won't often be pretty or easy I'm sure but that's ok life rarely is.

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Atlantic Muse said...

Hey Darling,

I've loved your posts of late. Great to have a shared record of the growth of your family. Happy Earth Day! i really liked your new links in the "for the senses" section too, especially the declaration of interdependence. Wouldn't it be amazing to hear a tiny bit of this kind of speech reflected in our national policy makers!

Sincerely Heidi