Friday, April 15, 2011

all about orange

My eldest son is quite the guy for opinions and preferences. ( I don't know where he gets that from...) Only being 3 years old is no barrier to his taste in colour.  Red was his first love and it lasted quite a long time.  We had a red potty, red toys, red flowers were popular and of course red trains were the best.  Next there was a brief flirtation with blue and some fondness for "lellow" which remains popular.  But these days at our house it's all about orange.

 Orange paint, crayons and paper are requested.

An orange rose was the inspiration to get mama flowers

And this shirt is what he'd like to be wearing every day.  Cups, plates, pj's the orange ones are most popular.
I want to remember the love of something as simple as a colour.  Despite the fact that it can often make my life slightly more difficult.


greekwitch said...

This post was very refreshing! Kids minds work so much prettier than grown ups's!
Brightest blessings.
ps.He is soooo cute!

Mama's Thyme said...

My 5-yr old daughter has been stuck on purple for some time now. We pulled up at a friend's birthday party in the pouring rain and she said, "I couldn't tell who's car that was, then I saw the purple and I knew it was you all!"

info said...

My niece and nephew also went through a orange phase, which also stuck with me for over 10 years now. I love orange. If it was up to me my whole house would be several shades of orange.